About Pax-Sun Heating & Air Conditioning

Pax-Sun, Inc. was formed in February 1978 by Thomas L. Paxson for the purpose of purchasing the assets of Poulan-Jones, Inc., a residential heating, air conditioning and sheet metal fabricating company. The purchase was consummated in March and Pax-Sun, Inc. began doing business on March 15, 1978. The remainder of that year, sales totaled approximately $250,000.

After that first year sales grew steadily until 1986 when sales were almost $1.3 million. Sales for 2009 were approximately $1,153,000. Product mix has changed from almost 100% residential sales and service in 1978 to 40% Commercial Installations; 15% Residential Installations; 20% Commercial and Residential Service, 5% Miscellaneous Sheet metal Fabrication and controls, and 20% Engineering Services. Pax-Sun, Inc. no longer offers Engineering Services.

Pax-Sun, Inc. has been a designing and installing building management system installations since 1985. Although a minor part of the dollar volume of the business, involvement in Building Automation and Controls gives Pax-Sun capabilities found in few firms in deep East Texas.

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The office and shop facilities of Pax-Sun, Inc. are located at 1607 East Denman, Lufkin, Texas with approximately 400 square feet of office space and approximately 6,000 square feet of shop area situated on.67 acres of land. In addition to these facilities in Lufkin, Pax-Sun has operated a branch office at 2212 North Stallings in Nacogdoches, Texas since 1986.

In January 2015, James Blackwood purchased Pax-Sun from Thomas Paxson.

Pax-Sun, Inc. operates eight service trucks. Currently there are 12 full and part-time employees including principles and management.

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